five things about me

5.  I still have a flip-phone.
Yes, friends. I may be blogging, but I have yet to enter the land of the i-well, anything. (Wait, not true! I have an iPod, for the music. I can plug it into my car, which is delightful!) But back to the phone. I have a home phone (not just for the bundle – I use it!), and my ages-old flip-phone is only for the use of emergencies. Also, I’m not 100-years-old. I know you’re wondering.

4.  I like spreadsheets.
Yep, this is how I nerd. If I can fit the data into an Excel spreadsheet, you bet I will. And I’m lucky enough to have a day job that allows me to nerd out with spreadsheets part of the time and write when I’m not doing that.

3.  I love books.

2.  TV is my crack.
(Awesomeness only need apply.) It’s been said I have a mild obsession with the tube, and I’m cool with that. I love me some good stories, and if done well, TV is an amazing medium to tell a long-form visual delight of a story.

1.  I’m a writer.
There are times when I’m better at it. Sometimes I’m a writer who watches a lot of TV and goes to the opera and cooks and does virtually no writing at all. But then there are AMAZING times where I’m a writer who writes. And I’m happy.


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