One of the things I’m terrible at is letting go. I’m a perfectionist. I edit while I write my first draft (even if I’m writing by hand), if I can make any kind of list into a spreadsheet in Excel, you bet your ass I will. I know these things about myself, and I accept them.

The place where these things cause a problem (okay, okay, ONE of the places) is in my writing. Oh my gosh, I’m so SLOW! But also, and more importantly, I get really caught up in outlining things in Excel, or no wait! maybe that outline will look better in a table in Word, so I’ll try it in there! I mean. It gets a little ridiculous.

So I bought this notebook.

writing notebook

Innocuous, isn’t it? And yet it’s changed my life. My rules for the notebook (there are always rules, my friends):

  1. Write stuff in it!
  2. Write whatever I want in it! Brainstorm, outline, write chapters, no one cares!
  3. Never tear out pages!

I don’t know why, but rule #3 has been really important for me. Leaving everything all jumbled up in there has given me some sort of weird freedom the computer or loose-leaf paper never gave me (I guess I can organize those too easily).

Since I bought the notebook, I’m working on a new novel (YA fantasy, fun!) and two short stories. All at the same time. All jumbled up together, living happily in one notebook.


3 thoughts on “inspiration

  1. theryanlanz says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I edit a bit in my first draft. It slows me down, but it does make the editing quicker later on. I feel that the book overall gets done in the same amount of time had I done zero editing in the first draft. Do what works for you.

    If it helps, I wrote a blog post on editing that you might find useful.


    • sara seyfarth says:

      Thanks for reading! You’re right – I do find that my final revisions and editing go much more quickly because I edit during my first draft. I think it’s just a ‘grass is always greener’ situation. 🙂 And thank you for the recommendation…I enjoyed your post on editing very much!

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