taking a break

In early November, I finished final revisions on my novel and started querying. (Pause for dance break, which still happens when I realize that.) Immediately following all the query writing, synopsis writing, and agent research, I started my next project. I love my new project. The thing is, I’m moving in three weeks. Moving is a big, annoying thing, but I live in an apartment, so I keep thinking it shouldn’t be that much of an issue…Right? Except it kind of is. Other than a few sentences here and there and some edits on another project, I haven’t written anything in a couple of weeks. But I’ve discovered something kind of wonderful. I’ve been blocked before (haven’t we all?), and one of the things I’ve learned is that sometimes I just need a break to reset the old noggin’. But…TA DA! Apparently it works when a break is forced upon me! I find myself, in the last few days, writing scenes while I’m doing the dishes and imagining conversations between characters while I’m brushing my teeth. Another novel has crept in. Worlds are building. Plots are constructing. Creativity is overflowing. All is well. At some point, of course, pen will have to hit paper. That’s the trick of the thing. But it’s good to know it’s all there waiting for me when I get this life thing sorted out.


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