Between Duty and Desire Available Today!

It’s release day! Between Duty and Desire is now available from The Wild Rose Press!



And look, an excerpt!


He didn’t realize Aithne had moved until the door slammed against the wall. The nearby people, already on edge since Keaghan’s departure, turned toward the crash. Aodhan took a step forward but stopped himself. He neither had time to get there before the door shut behind her, nor was it his place. 

“How dare you!”

Though he was concerned—she had no authority to speak out against her father, especially in the company of another chieftain—he suppressed a smile. Only she would dare to confront Lairgnen so boldly. Unlike Elgin, she did not keep her voice low and controlled; her rage was evident in every rise and fall. Surely half the holding heard it.

“Aithne…” If he were angry at her interruption, it didn’t show in Lairgnen’s voice. Aodhan doubted his patience would last long.

“I thought it horrible that you would offer Moina to one man with no warning, no consideration, but now I see you had another one in reserve.” The disdain in Aithne’s voice was clear even through the thick clay walls. Aodhan had rarely been the subject of the full force of her anger and he did not envy Lairgnen now.

Silence. Aodhan wondered if the breathing he heard was his own or the heavy, furious breath of Aithne. Then someone cleared his throat. “Not Moina.”

She gasped.



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