Coming Soon! A blog series about writing exercises…


I’m really excited to be diving into a new project, but I’ve been in revision mode for so long, it feels like I’ve forgotten how to be a butt-in-chair-to-create-new-material writer. I don’t know about you, but I’m a pretty slow writer anyway, so any motivation is good motivation. To that end, a blog series!

I’ve scoured the interwebs for writing exercises that sound like they’d be fun, help me move forward on my novel, and keep me motivated. Every day (well, I’m not insane, so I’m giving myself a day off each week), I’ll post an update about the exercise – what was useful, whether I’d use it again, etc.

These will obviously be entirely personal responses – there are thousands of writing prompts and exercises online, and probably every one of them would work for someone, but they may or may not be helpful for you or me. I hope you’ll join me to find out!

I’ll post a link to the exercise the night before, so if you’re interested in joining in the fun, you’ll have plenty of time. I’d love to hear your thoughts as well as sharing my own!

Here’s the plan:
Aug 10-15: Character Exercises
Aug 17-22: Setting Exercises
Aug 24-29: Plot Exercises
Aug 31-Sept 5: More Plot Exercises!

Up First on Aug 10:
Rough out the Basics of Your Characters
From Iconoclastic Writer

For Main Characters (protagonists, antagonists) and Primary Supporting Characters:

  • Names
  • What do they want?
  • What do they generally do in the story?
  • What defines or distinguishes them (e.g., Hermione is a very quick study & smart)
  • How does the character relate to the story (e.g., Ron supports the theme of friendship & family)

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