Character Exercise 4: Absent

Exercise 4: Absent
From Brian Kiteley (Exercise #12)
Construct a character who is not present

My Thoughts
This might be my favorite exercise so far. I loved trying to brainstorm ways to create a character who wasn’t physically present, as well as to consider how that could apply to my current project. I was surprised by how many ways it could. I decided to work on a scene where two characters speculate about a third – where THEY basically create a character who may or not be the character we eventually will end up meeting. It was really fun to imagine what each of them would create based on what they know, as well as think about what the scene would present to the audience.

As with everything else, the writing I’ve done may or may not make it into the final book, but I’m really happy to discover how many ideas I’ve come up with as I work my way through the character exercises this week.

Up Next
Write a Letter
From The Writer’s Craft (Exercise #10)
Write a letter from one character to another.


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