Character Exercise 6: Deja vu

Exercise 6: Déjà vu
From Brian Kiteley (Exercise #2)
Write a sketch in which a character experiences something that causes him to recall a startlingly similar past experience.

My Thoughts
The last couple of character exercises I’ve done have been incredibly useful in crafting scenes for my current work-in-progress. In contrast, I couldn’t use this one to write a scene, but it was a great tool to create character backstory.

One of my non-POV characters had an experience before the events of the book that affects her interactions with everyone on the page. So though I won’t ever use the exercise I wrote, taking the time to work through her reactions and memories as she’s talking with other characters was invaluable to her development. I know her better now, and I’ll think about her differently as I write the rest of the book.

It’s not an easy one, but this exercise is definitely another winner!

This Week’s Summary
Character exercises galore! I ended up writing much more for my WIP than I’d originally intended – and as a result, I shifted my intention toward trying to find a way to turn the more specific exercises into prompts for scenes. Whether that worked or not, the series itself has been a great success for me. I’m writing consistently and making a lot of progress. I hope you all are enjoying it and are finding some great exercises of your own to try out!

Next week, on to settings!

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