Setting Exercise 1: Brainstorming

Exercise 1: Setting Brainstorming
From The How to Write Shop
Setting writing prompts.

My Thoughts
This is a fantastic brainstorming exercise. Kathy Steffen has created a wonderful list of settings that I’ll definitely be saving to refer to for future projects! I also love the idea of making unusual connections to see what insanity develops (even though you’ll eventually discard most of them). I took a brainstorming workshop once that stressed allowing that kind of free thinking – without shutting your brain down because the ideas were too out there or stupid – and it definitely opens up new, more creative avenues.

My current WIP has a definite, fairly limited setting, but I really wanted to do some brainstorming to see if there might be a way to open it up somehow – to at least have a day trip or something that the characters could take to add a bit of interest. This exercise helped me to come up with several ideas that might work, so I’m very happy!

Up Next
Using the Five Senses to Create Setting
From Ginny Wiehardt
Create a setting using all five senses.


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