Setting Exercise 2: Five Senses

Exercise 2: Using the Five Senses to Create Setting
From Ginny Wiehardt
Create a setting using all five senses.

My Thoughts
I actually wasn’t sure how useful this exercise would be before I tried it. It seems pretty straightforward and based in common sense – every writing book I’ve ever read reminds us to use the five senses in descriptions, right?

What I found, though, was that taking the time to walk through the steps the way Wiehardt wrote them out was actually really helpful. I came up with a lot of descriptors and nuances of the setting that I never would have thought of otherwise. It was fairly time-consuming, so I may not go through the full exercise for a setting that doesn’t need much description. But for a primary location, like the one where most of my current WIP takes place, it’s definitely worthwhile.

Up Next
Non-visual description of place
From John Hewitt (Exercise 14)
Describe a place with the four senses other than sight.