Setting Exercise 3: Non-Visual Description of Place

Exercise 3: Non-Visual Description of Place
From John Hewitt (Exercise 14)
Describe a place with the four senses other than sight.

My Thoughts
I found this exercise really challenging, but for that reason I liked it a lot. I definitely rely on visual descriptions as my primary method of explaining where someone is or what something looks like, so pulling all of that out of a description was much more difficult than I’d expected. I attacked it by putting the character in a dark place – which was maybe cheating a little – but it helped me to practice, which is what I need!

In the end, I thought it was a great way to really hone in on those other senses and practice using them to describe the things around my characters, rather than relying on visual cues. I fall into a lot of traps as I write (facial expressions, reactions, descriptions, etc.), so anything I can do to break those habits is welcome!

Up Next
Character and Setting Interactions
From Alicia Rasley
Explore your protagonist’s relationship with the setting.


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