Setting Exercise 4: Character and Setting Interactions

Exercise 4: Character and Setting Interactions
From Alicia Rasley
Explore your protagonist’s relationship with the setting.

My Thoughts
Wow. This was a bit more time-intensive than the rest of the exercises I’ve been doing, but it was worth it. I’ve often thought about how my characters or (particularly) the plot could affect the setting, but beyond logistics, I’ve rarely delved into considering how setting could drive plot or might have shaped characters’ motivations or limitations or fears.

It was a fascinating exploration, really. I’ve completed the exercise for my heroine (so far – I will definitely go through it for my hero as well, at the least), and I solved a relationship issue that’s been plaguing me AND figured out a major plot point.

I expected to find these exercises useful, but I continue to be surprised by just how helpful they are in pushing me forward. I particularly recommend this one!

Up Next
Setting and Emotion
From Leslie Leigh
Consider the character’s emotional state while describing the setting.


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