Setting Exercise 5: Setting and Emotion

Exercise 5: Setting and Emotion
From Leslie Leigh
Consider the character’s emotional state while describing the setting.

My Thoughts
The idea of this exercise is a great one. Examining the emotional state of my heroine as I described the setting was useful, particularly in that it was a good way to further explore her complex relationship to it. As a standalone writing exercise, I would probably move it back into my character work, though. It felt a bit more like an experiment in deep point of view than one in setting.

That said, I do think it could be very useful during writing. If I were ever stuck during a passage where I wanted to add some setting description, this is a great go-to to get started.

Up Next
Draw a Map
This one has two resources:
Basic instructions from Daily Writing Tips (#5)
A suggested tool from Darla McDavid


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