Setting Exercise 6: Draw a Map

The blog’s been so text-heavy lately! So in honor of the setting theme, a lovely setting photo:


Exercise 6: Draw a Map
This one has two resources:
Basic instructions from Daily Writing Tips (#5)
A suggested tool from Darla McDavid

My Thoughts
I always spend time creating a map when I’m working on a fantasy, but I’ve never taken the time to do it for a romance. I’m not sure why. Having a clear idea of where all the characters live and work in relation to each other is so important, and mapping it out is the easiest way to keep track of that.

The Open Street Map tool Darla McDavid suggests is amazing, particularly since I’m working on a historical romance rather than a sci-fi or a fantasy. A fair amount of my WIP takes place at a country house party, so I also wanted to have a good blueprint of the house and who was staying where. Sites like PBS’s Manor House are great resources for that kind of work.

The last thing I want when I’m writing is to confuse the reader (or myself!) by forgetting where a character was staying or working or living, so this kind of mapping exercise is probably one of the most valuable I’ve done so far.

That’s it for settings! Next week, it’s on to plot!

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