Plot Exercise 4: Rough Out the Basics

Exercise 4: Rough Out the Basics
From Iconoclastic Writer (Step 4/Plot)

My Thoughts
It will probably surprise no one that I liked this exercise a lot (if you’ve been keeping up with the blog, I’ve been pretty thrilled with all the exercises thus far). This is another one designed for NaNoWriMo prep, and I appreciate its pointed questions and expectation of brevity.

I find that the sketchiness works really well for me to get a good overview of my plan. What it really helped me with was to find the holes in my current plot (there are several!), so now I can focus on brainstorming ways to fill them and/or better connect the dots I already have. It also breaks things down into easily manageable chunks, which will help when we get to creating a timeline.

Up Next
Plotting Worksheet with Prompts
From Annie Neugebauer


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