Plot Exercise 5: Plotting Worksheet with Prompts

Exercise 5: Plotting Worksheet with Prompts
From Annie Neugebauer

My Thoughts
This was a fantastic follow-up to yesterday’s Rough Out the Basics exercise because it asks you to work through your characters’ conflict journey. I thought the sketchiness of yesterday’s was great, but when I took the time to answer these in-depth questions about my hero’s and heroine’s conflicts at specific moments during the novel, it opened up all kinds of new story ideas. I love that Neugebauer effectively walks you through mapping out the steps of the Story Arc diagram we looked at a few days ago.


It’s time consuming, and I’m sure some of my obstacles will shift or change as I work through drafting, but as a plot brainstorming tool, this is one I’ll definitely keep handy. Together with yesterday’s, it will also be really helpful when we tackle the timeline tomorrow.

Up Next
From Daily Writing Tips (#4)


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