Plot Exercise 6: Timeline

Exercise 6: Timeline
From Daily Writing Tips (#4)

My Thoughts
One of the things I’m still struggling with is finding the balance between planning enough and leaving myself enough room to freely change course if I come up with a great idea mid-stream. In general, I’m a hardcore organizer (with outlines for my outlines) but in the past I’ve found that to be a bit stifling. On the other hand, a blinking cursor on an empty screen is pretty daunting, so any prompt at all – even if it’s a few general words about what might happen in the chapter – is a blessing.

As for this exercise, I do think Annie Neugebauer’s worksheet from yesterday pretty much serves as a timeline, so other than verifying the order and making some decisions about how detailed I wanted to get, there probably wasn’t a need to do anything extra. The one thing I did want to add was actual times. Another thing I’m still working on is timing within my pieces – how many days has it been since John saw Angie? Is chapter 2 still happening during the same day as chapter 1? How many hours later? I’m trying to be better about communicating time passing, so mapping it out clearly for myself ahead of time is important!

Up on Monday
Create a Foundation Document
From Iconoclastic Writer (Step 6)


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