Plot Exercise 8: Confrontation

Exercise 8: Confrontation
From Kristina Bjoran (#1)

My Thoughts
Confrontation is such a great tool to push characters in new directions. I used this exercise to have my heroine confront a secondary character she doesn’t have much regular interaction with. What was especially fun was to see where the argument went – because they don’t know each other well and neither can anticipate the other’s reaction. But even more importantly, *I* couldn’t and it was fun to see how they both reacted in an uncomfortable and unusual situation.

I love this idea of using creative writing exercises to push the plot in different ways. I may not end up using this fight or the ensuing backlash, but I very well might. Some of the fallout ended up to be really interesting and could push forward some of the conflict I already had planned.

Up Tomorrow
Disaster Strikes (#3)


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