Plot Exercise 11: The Avenger

Exercise 11: The Avenger
From Kristina Bjoran (#4)

My Thoughts
This exercise was a bit tougher for me. I had to do quite a bit of brainstorming to figure out which character to use and what kind of crime he/she could witness to start the chain of events. Once I figured something out, though, the results were definitely worth it.

I ended up working with my heroine and starting with a plot point that was already in place, but tweaking it a bit to fit the exercise. What happened was that I ended up with all sorts of awesome ideas, and she ended up on a great adventure (of vengeance!). It was fun to write, but with the added benefit of sorting through several issues I’d been trying to work out. It also led me to a character I’d been planning but hadn’t quite fit into the main storyline yet. All in all, a great success!

Up Tomorrow
The Covetous Competition (#5)


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