Plot Exercise 12: The Covetous Competition

Exercise 12: The Covetous Competition
From Kristina Bjoran (#5)

My Thoughts
For a romance, this is a particularly useful exercise to brainstorm your way into a great conflict. I had a great time with this one because there are so many fun directions to take it!

I finally decided to put my hero in competition with a secondary character, and of course while the competition is a sporting affair, the undertones are all about the heroine. It was great to write, but more importantly, I wouldn’t have thought to approach it this way if I hadn’t done these exercises.

And now they’re done! So what next? Drafting, of course! I’m an incredibly slow writer, so my next project will be to explore some techniques to let go of my edit-as-I-go approach and draft more quickly, and I’ll blog about it as I go. I hope you’ll join me when I get started after Labor Day!


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