Drafting Experiment


Now that I’m back from the long holiday weekend, it’s time to start drafting! One of my personal challenges is that I’m an as-I-go-editor, so drafting is a slow process. You may think that means revision is faster, but not so. I make lots of plot, character, and conflict changes even before I send out the “first” draft to my beta readers, and once I get their critiques, there are other changes to make from there.

Though I’ve been trying (with limited success) for some time now, my goals during the next several weeks are to draft a lot and to teach myself to let go of that internal editor and draft faster. I don’t want to attack every technique at once, so I’ll build on them as I go, and of course I’ll share the techniques and my progress – more like once a week rather than the daily posts I’ve been doing recently. Most of the techniques are pretty basic and well-known, so not a lot of links with this series. Just me trying to put them into practice!

First up is pretty simple: create a writing schedule and stick to it. Off we go!


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