Drafting, Week 3

writing essays

Last week, the drafting technique I wanted to master was the write-in-short-bursts plan. Well. As it turns out, this is not my strong suit. I shouldn’t be surprised, really (and nor should you, if you read last week’s post), since I’m a self-confessed stare-at-the-screen-until-it-comes-alive-and-writes-the-book-for-me (or until I give up that fantasy for the day) type of person. Nevertheless, I will not give in!

This week, I’ll continue to chip away at my stubborn nature and attempt to force myself to take breaks. I’ll also add in a new technique: closing my eyes. Do you do this? I actually do on occasion, and it makes a huge difference in how quickly a scene comes together. (Why don’t I do it more often? you ask. Great question.)

When I think about it and do, two things happen. First, I visualize the scene more clearly, so the writing flows more quickly and the scene comes together more easily. Second, I can’t see the page, so my internal editor is required to shut up. I literally can’t use the backspace key, so no time is spent staring at the page trying to figure out the exact right form of “look” or “walk” or some other word that will likely get cut when I chop ten thousand words in the first revision.


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