Drafting, Week 4

So, trying all these exercises and new techniques is pretty time consuming. Especially when you add in the time to reflect on what works and what doesn’t and whether I want to add them to my regular writing routine (and therefore practice them so I can become reasonably competent). Here’s what I love: I’ve learned some amazing new techniques to add to my bag of tricks, true. But more importantly, I’ve learned so much about my own style and what works best for me – how I work, what I need, what works, what doesn’t.

music cartoon

To that end, the addition last week of the close-your-eyes technique was a great success, and it got me thinking about visualization and inspirational cues. So many writers use playlists and photographs – all kinds of things to inspire them when they’re writing. I tend to write in silence, but if I’ve learned anything these past several weeks, it’s that I need to be open to trying new things to see if they might work for me. So this week’s project is to create a playlist for my current WIP. I’m starting small here (no Pinterest for me yet!), but I’m dipping a tentative toe into unchartered waters. I’m excited to get started!


2 thoughts on “Drafting, Week 4

  1. kateran8 says:

    Yeah! I almost always write to silence (and NEVER to anything with words) but I make a playlist that I can listen to at other times of the day. It really helps me to stay in the world and slide back into it when it’s time to write again!


    • sara seyfarth says:

      I was only thinking about a playlist to write to, but that is SUCH a great idea!! I love the idea of staying inspired throughout the day. It will probably take me the whole week to come up with a playlist, but integrating it into the rest of my non-writing day is definitely going on my list of techniques to integrate into my overall plan! Thanks!


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