Drafting, Week 5

Last week, I determined to create myself an inspirational playlist. I love the idea, but I love my critique partner Kate Sheeran Swed more, who shared the idea of continuing to write in silence if that makes me happy (it does) and creating a playlist to listen to throughout the day.

Here’s the thing I’ve truly learned over the past few weeks. I can try all kinds of exercises and techniques, but I’m still going to love to revise and not love to draft. Translating vibrant, life-like movies in my head onto paper never quite works and always disappoints me. That’s okay, because of the revision, but it doesn’t make the initial drafting any easier.

Snoopy writing

What I can do is keep at it and seek out constant bits of inspiration. I love the playlist for exactly that reason. It’s easy to stay with my characters and keep a scene fresh in my mind when the writing went well that morning and everything felt great. But when it was slow and every word took five minutes to bang out on the keyboard? That’s when some great tunes or pictures tacked up behind my work computer can come in handy.

I’ll be on a short blog hiatus for a few weeks! I’m moving, so I’m going to focus the next few weeks on packing and freaking out. The exciting news is that my new place will have a dedicated writing space! (We will name it “Office.”) I haven’t ever had an actual space (right now I don’t even have a desk), so this is pretty epic.


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