I’m back and very pleased to say I’m all moved in! Not fully unpacked yet, but happily I have finally found my silverware.

In other news, I joined Instagram! I’m a fan, for lots of reasons, but the main one is simple: inspiration. If you’re a follower (or even a casual reader), then you probably know I’m always on the hunt for ways to liven up my writing life. I love storytelling, and I’m grateful every day for the role writing plays in my life. Still, drafting can be tough slog, so it’s good to have a little inspiration hanging around.

What I love about Instagram is that I’ve used it to help me slow down and pay more attention to the world around me. This is my favorite picture from last week:


I took it when I was in northern Michigan, and I loved the surprise of finding so much beauty growing right out of the sand. They’re prickly and fairly painful to walk over, but that just makes it more interesting.


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